7 easy tips for cleaning pet fur

7 easy tips for cleaning pet fur image

Let’s face it: nobody enjoys cleaning up after their pets. Besides following your companion around the park with a plastic bag at the ready, trying to keep your house fur-free has to be one of least enjoyable parts of pet ownership.

It may be easy to throw up your hands in despair and accept that your house will always look like you have a gorilla living with you, but don’t give up all hope just yet! We’re here to tell you that there are a number of simple and easy ways to get rid of that stubborn pet fur that doesn’t require hours of drudgery. So what are they?

1. A wet hand

An ancient house cleaning technique, used by lazy humans for generations, it is the easiest way to collect hair that has fallen on most surfaces. Simply lightly wet your hand and wipe it along the couch/carpet/table etc. The water will help the hair to clump up and stick to your hand, which you can then easily pick off and place in the bin.

2. The sticky-tape technique

This method involves removing hair from carpets and other upholstered surfaces by sticking it to the tape. Take a length of tape and wrap it around your hand with the sticky side facing out, and then press into the fabric until hair stops sticking to the tape. Throw out used strip and start agai

3. Rubber gloves

Using dish washing gloves to wipe down surfaces is a fast and easy way to remove most hair from couches and carpets, as the rubber makes the hair clump and stick together, that you can easily pick up with your hands and throw out. Lightly wet the glove for even better results.

4. Lint rollers

Lint rollers are a great way to quickly remove hair from clothes as you leave the house. They won’t remove all the pet hair in your home, but they will save you the embarrassment of getting to work and realising that you look like you’ve been wrestling with a sheep.

5. Dryer sheets

Adding dryer sheets to your clothes when they go into the dryer will not only make your clothes soft, but will also miraculously remove those stubborn hairs. By loosening up the fibres in your clothes, the hairs work themselves free during the tumbling of the dryer, and will simply be caught in your lint trap at the end of the cycle. Dryer balls will also do a good job.

6. Dust mop

Dust mops or cloths with an electrostatic charge will make short work of pet fur on wooden floors and surfaces. The static electricity makes the hairs stick to the cloth (just like rubbing your hair on a balloon) and makes wiping up hair on floors a breeze. Microfibre cloths are a fantastic domestic cleaning tool, so put them to good use by cleaning up your pet hair.

7. FURminate it!

As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, so why waste so much time cleaning up after your pets when you can just clean them and remove the hair at the source. Enter the FURminator, a brush-like tool that allows you to quickly and easily remove large amounts of excess and moulting fur from your pet without discomforting them or damaging their skin. Depending on your pet, you can collect mounds of fur that would otherwise end up on your carpet, on your floor, on your couch and in your bed. A short video of the FURminator doing its work can be found here, we wish we’d heard about it sooner!

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