Cleaning your driveway or carport

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One part of cleaning that most people dread is your driveway or carport. This part of your home is exposed to a variety of weather conditions and substances such as oil and dirt. Over time if this area of your home doesn’t get address it can become an eye sore and just becomes harder to clean the longer you leave it.

To stay on top of cleaning your driveway, here are some helpful tips to get it looking as pristine as possible.

Sweep your driveway before you start

This may seem as a no-brainer for some people but is one of the most important steps. You want to begin with sweeping away any rocks, leaves or sticks that are on your driveway. As you begin a deeper clean of your driveway, starting with this step ensures that you aren’t making any extra work for yourself later on.

Get your cleaning solution

There are a lot of cleaning solutions out there that you can turn to but make sure that you choose one. Water isn’t effective on your driveway no matter how much elbow grease you put into it. A product that is designed to eliminate grease and oil stains will making cleaning a lot easier and save you time and money in the long run.

Usually these solutions require you to mix them with water as they can be quite strong and potent. Ensure that you follow the directions on the mixture as using it correctly will give you the best results in terms of end result and efficiency.

Wet your driveway beforehand

Before you start applying the cleaning solution to your driveway make sure that you wet it first. Wetting the ground prior to pouring the solution will ensure that you get a deep clean rather than just tackling the surface of the mess.

This could mean the difference between removing stains that could take forever to lift.

Scrub the driveway thoroughly

When you have applied the cleaning solution to the area in question, be sure to scrub the area thoroughly and vigorously. A grill brush or a high quality outdoor scrubbing brush will ensure that you get the deep and effective clean you are after. The cleaning solution should be in contact with the surface for approximately 30 minutes, however make sure it doesn’t try as this will also affect the results that you get.

Rinse your driveway of the solution

Once you have finished scrubbing and hopefully lifted the stain, rinse down your driveway so that no excess cleaning solution is leftover. If the stain isn’t lifted from following this process, you may have to repeat it several times or until the desired result is achieved.

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Common questions

How do I pay?

Regular service

Payment is made directly to the cleaner and can be done either by cash on the day of the service or via direct deposit into their bank account, whichever is more convenient for you.

One-off service

For all one-off services, including end of lease, move in or spring cleaning, we require a $100 deposit over the phone to secure the booking. This payment can be made by debit or credit card. Once the service is complete and you are happy with the job, we process the remainder of the payment through the same card.

Who are our cleaners?

Experienced and professional

Our team of over 90 cleaners are able to reach over 500 suburbs in Melbourne. This means we always have someone on hand who is just right to clean your home.

The best of the best

We advertise extensively throughout Melbourne to find the perfect candidates and end up hiring around 1% of people who apply. Each of our cleaners undergo training with our experienced staff to make sure their skills are up to scratch.

Fully vetted and trained

Our cleaners are all:

  • Police checked
  • Fully insured for public liability
  • Personally interviewed
  • Thoroughly reference checked
  • Professionally trained by us
  • Friendly and courteous

Meet your cleaner

We allow (and prefer) clients to meet their professional house cleaner before they start. Once you're happy with your cleaner and based on your preferences, you can let the cleaner in yourself, hide a key for them or give them a key directly. Many of our clients give their cleaner a key because of how satisfied they are with our careful recruitment and training process.

What if something goes wrong?

Money back guarantee

We are so confident in the exceptional quality of our cleaning agency in Melbourne that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if something goes wrong or can’t be corrected. If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with our house cleaning service, simply give us a call and we will do whatever we can to resolve the situation.

We will either:

  1. Work with the cleaner that was allocated to you to make sure that they are meeting the high standards of our service.
  2. Allocate a new cleaner to you if the current cleaner isn’t working out.
  3. If nothing more can be done to remedy the issue, we will happily give you your money back.